Ginger Ale Authority announces world’s #1 Ginger Ale

ginger ale review Boylan bottleworksAfter holding a recent public taste testing, the Ginger Ale Authority at has announced the world’s #1 ginger ale Boylan Bottleworks Ginger Ale. Released via PRWeb press release, the organization has reviewed hundreds of sodas and over 35 ginger ales.

Every ginger ale reviewed by the Ginger Ale Authority was present, as well as with sponsored additions like Boylan Bottleworks, Reed’s Inc, Virgil’s, Zevia, Ale-8-One and Q-Ginger. All bottlers donated free samples for the community-based charitable event.

Attempting to promote healthier and higher quality beverages, the Ginger Ale authority developed a ratings system based on nutritional content and taste to encourage soft drink bottlers to produce healthier alternatives. With special attention given to “All-Natural” soft drinks, the non-profit group works to include soft drinks in the growing movement toward greener and more natural food and beverage consumption.

The winner of the Ginger Ale category was Boylan Bottleworks. Boylan also swept the Cream Soda and Root Beer categories. Best Specialty beverage went to Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew. Best Mixer went to the newcomer, Q Ginger.