First Ginger Ale Taste Test A Success, Ginger Ale Authority

ginger ale taste test brandsThe’s first ginger ale taste test is complete, and we couldn’t have been happier with the event. With  a great turn-out, we had plenty of fantastic craft soda beverages for everyone.

The winner of the Ginger Ale category was Boylan Bottleworks. Boylan also swept the Cream Soda and Root Beer categories. Best Specialty beverage went to Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew. Best Mixer went to the newcomer, Q Ginger.

Side note on Reed’s ‘Spiced Apple Brew’ and Q Tonic’s ‘G Ginger’ — these were two of the better drinks I have tasted in my life. Take my advice and do what you can to sample these sodas. Reed’s can be found in most grocery stores nationwide. Q Ginger is rather new, but can be found on

Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew tastes like apple pie. It is almost 50% fruit juice, but still has great mainstream soda crispness (unlike spritzers that try to minimic that flavor). Q Ginger was one of the more interesting experiences I’ve had with a soft drink. Normally when you call a drink unique, it’s not necessarily a compliment. But that’s not the case here. This was some of the most fun I’ve had sampling a soda. Any drink mixer or bar connoisseur needs to add it to their repertoire.

Something very evident during the Showcase was how shocked people were when they compared gourmet drinks to generic soda’s like Coke, Pepsi or grocery store brands. They were blown away at the comparative poor quality of most generic sodas. Most participants said that they had simply never thought of purchasing a specialty soda. Hopefully we can do more events in the future and keep spreading the word.