Seinfeld’s Ginger Ale Tips: Don’t get duped like Constanza

If you’ve ordered ginger ale in restaurants, odds are that a server has tried to pull a fast one on you. Unfortunately, experiences like George Costanza’s are all too familiar.

For those who were unaware, placing a tiny drop of Coke into a full glass of Sprite can make a slight “ginger-ale-esque” looking and tasting beverage, and many servers will do this as a shortcut to save time.

Most restaurants have real ginger ale on fountain at their bar, but it normally takes longer to walk to the bar than to perform the Coke-trick. No doubt, thousands of people today will be served this lieĀ and have no idea they’re being bamboozled.

Why do people not notice? Most ginger ale from a fountain is low quality anyway. It’s hard to look for the ginger bite and spice if there is no ginger bite and spice to look for. But that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

Next time you order ginger ale in fountain drink form, be on high alert. You don’t want to get duped like George; no one deserves a fake watered down ginger ale. For full tasting ginger ales, check out our Ginger Ale Reviews.

(Note: most servers will laugh it off and bring you a real ginger ale from the bar if they are caught — don’t be afraid to ask.)