Blenheim #5 Not As Hot Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 5/5

Blenheim Regular Ginger Ale carefully walks the line between flavorful gourmet soda and refreshing mainstream drink. Your first taste of Blenheim will reveal a sweet and refreshing beverage. The ginger flavor is clear and present, but not overwhelming.

The aftertaste brings a slight paleness with a hint of heat and spice that is evident in the drink’s name. The heat seems to have a cumulative effect, as it lingers in the drinkers mouth over time. By the end it can be quite spicy.



Drinkability: 5/5

Blenheim’s has a very light and crisp bite to it. Great texture for mixing. Perhaps the best spiced ginger ale for mixing with Whiskey and Bourbons. High carbonation with a bite at the end.


Health: 3/5

Flavored with fructose. Has preservatives. Ginger content is ambiguous. No HFCS.



Blenheim #5 Not as Hot Ginger Ale


Blenheim is bottled in the Carolina’s. Can be found in many gourmet food and health food stores.


Brand Information:

Blenheim Bottlers
P. 0. Box 452
Hamer, SC 2954
Phone: (843) 774-0322 Toll-free: 1-800-270-9344 Fax: (843) 774-4018


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