Blenheim #9 Diet Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 5/5

Blenheim Diet is by far our highest rated diet Ginger Ale. Like other Blenheim drinks, the #9 combines gourmet flavor with mainstream drinkability. Don’t let the ‘diet’ fool you, #9 is VERY spicy. The heat has a tendency to build up as you drink the beverage, so take your time with this drink. A light ginger flavor compliments a hint of tang.


Drinkability: 5/5

Blenheim #9 has a light and crisp bite to it. Great texture for mixing. Spicy makes it perfect for dark whiskeys and bourbons. It is HOT, not to be chugged down after breaking a sweat (it might make it worse).


Health: 2/5

Aspartame sweetener. Has preservatives. Ginger content is ambiguous. No HFCS.


Blenheim #9 Diet Ginger Ale


Blenheim is bottled in the Carolina’s. Can be found in many gourmet food and health food stores.


Brand Information:

Blenheim Bottlers
P. 0. Box 452
Hamer, SC 2954
Phone: (843) 774-0322 Toll-free: 1-800-270-9344 Fax: (843) 774-4018


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