Blue Sky Organic Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 4/5

A well put together gourmet Ginger Ale, the flavor is powerful and complex. One of the spicier gourmets we’ve encountered, Blue Sky packs a punch. A zesty and down right in-your-face ginger flavor stands out. Spicy aftertaste, with an almost golden touch. Very sweet with a bit of dryness underneath the flavor.



Drinkability: 4/5

Blue sky is an interesting contrast. The powerful ginger flavor and aftertaste (normally seen with heavierĀ drinks) is actually combined with a light, effervescent flow. This drink can certainly overpower the flavors of your meal. Great as a mixer if you’re drinking strong liquor. Strong flavor and carbonation will hold up over the course of the beverage. Powerful, not for chugging down with a burger. Needs to be savored.


Health: 4/5

100% All Natural. Organic. 39 grams (a lot) of sugar takes it down to a 4/5.


Blue Sky Organic Ginger Ale


Moderately available in many health grocery stores.


Brand Information:

550 Monica Circle Suite 201
Corona, CA 92880


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