Boylan Bottleworks Ginger Ale Review

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The standard by which all ginger ale is measured, Boylan Bottleworks Ginger Ale currently occupies the #1 spot in our World Rankings List.


Flavor: 5/5

Boylans Ginger Ale flawlessly intertwines a light mainstream flavor with the strength of ginger that gourmet drinkers seek. Casual drinkers will appreciate the similarity to mainstream, traditional flavors. However, true ginger ale connoisseurs will be floored by the brilliant meshing of ginger, lemon-lime and sugary sweetness. Not overly dry or pale; not too sweet. Need I go on?



Drinkability: 5/5

The definition of drinkability, Boylans perfectly balances between the crisp bite that soda drinkers find refreshing and the full-body strength found in gourmet sodas. Perfectly carbonated, a Boylans will last for hours without losing any bubbles or flavor. While most sodas lose their taste as they warm and release carbonation, don’t be surprised when you return to a Boylan’s bottle two hours later and the last drop is still tingly good. Does not have to be ice cold to be enjoyed like lower quality drinks.


Health: 5/5

All Natural. Cane Sugar. Real ginger and lemon oils. No HFCS or preservatives. What more could you ask for?


Boylan Bottleworks Ginger Ale


Boylans brand is easy to find in nearly all health grocery stores and even most chain grocers on the east coast. Found in many gas stations at the normal rate of about 1-2 dollars, the Worlds #1 Ginger Ale is both widely available and reasonably priced in most regions. Some areas have not caught on yet, but if we have anything to say about it, they will soon.


Brand Information:

Boylan Bottling Co.
7 Purcell Court
Moonachie, NJ 07074
Fax – 201.372.1680


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