Izze Ginger Ale Sparkling Beverage Review

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Flavor: 3/5

A moderately dry ginger ale with a distinctively natural flavor. Subtle notes of lemon and cherry give way to a very light yet crisp ginger flavor. The ginger arouses the tongue but never seems to completely manifest itself. An almost excessive sugary finish coats the palate.

Drinkability: 3/5

This is a very pale ginger ale with very little carbonation. The sweetness will force you to drink this ginger ale faster than most gourmet Ginger Ales. Those seeking a gourmet GA with an enticing yet subtle ginger flavor should enjoy this the most.

Health: 5/5

Sweetened with real sugar, no caffeine and no preservatives. Made from all natural ginger extracts.

Izze Ginger Ale Sparkling Beverage


Can be found in many health food stores.


Brand Information:

1035 Pearl St Third Floor
Boulder, Colorado 80302
303 327 5515


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