Q Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 5/5

Q Ginger is one of the more unique ginger ales we’ve sampled. The ginger flavor is full, but not in your face. There is a fabulous mixture of rose and orange flavors which has to be experienced to be believed. There’s a definite heat and spice are present, which lingers after drinking. However, unlike most hot ginger ales, Q Ginger’s spice is never painful or unpleasant. It is perfectly strong, yet gentle.

Many agave sweetened sodas are too earthy, or aromatic. But Q Ginger uses agave perfectly with it’s other flavors. The finished product is simply indescribable. Do yourself a flavor and try one of these sodas.



Drinkability: 5/5

Crisp. Light. Fizzy. Full feel without any weight. This is a brilliantly textured soft drink. Q Ginger has been rated our #1 mixer since our most recent Gourmet Soda Showcase and Taste Test. If you keep an upscale bar, you need to look into carrying this drink.


Health: 6/5

Yes, Q Ginger received extra credit. The only Agave sweetened beverage to date that has a perfect flavor rating. No HFCS. Only 120 Calories per 12 ounces (No joke). Zero preservatives.

Q Ginger Ale


Moderately available in the NE in Whole Foods and Williams-Sonoma



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