Reed’s Ginger Ale Original Jamaican Review

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Flavor: 4/5

Not for the faint of heart, Reed’s Original ginger ale packs a conundrum of flavors. With an ‘earthy’ feel, Reed’s combines a powerful ginger punch with an island fruitiness one would expect from a Jamaican drink. Hints of honey and pineapple are clear, and the ginger is also strong. The 17 grams of fresh ginger can be seen with the naked eye.

Drinkability: 3/5

Moderately thick, this ginger ale is not to be chugged down. Would make a good, exotic mixer due to its strength. The drink is very flavorful, but thick and not overly refreshing.    

Health: 5/5

100% natural. Real honey, fruit juices. Over 10+ grams of fresh ginger. No preservatives.

Reed’s Original Jamaican Ginger Ale


Available in many grocery stores nationwide.


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