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Flavor: 4/5

Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew is an exotic variety to say the least. It has over 17 grams of fresh ginger, which amounts to a powerful ginger flavor. Unlike most strong ginger ales, this drink does not have a long aftertaste or overly spicy feeling (although there is some heat). It gives off an earthy aroma, with a hint of pineapple and honey as the only sweeteners. Although this drink is not going to replace your everyday ginger ale, it is certainly worth checking out — of the ‘natural-brew’ variety.


Drinkability: 4/5

Not as hearty¬†as other Reed’s drinks. A good combination of exotic gourmet ginger ale, but with a hint of mainstream crispness. Would make a good mixer due to its strength. Still a relatively heavy drink, thick and long lasting carbonation.



Health: 5/5

100% natural. Real honey, fruit juices. Over 10+ grams of fresh ginger. No preservatives.

Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew


Available in many grocery stores nationwide.



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