Seagram’s Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 4/5

Our highest rated commercialized drink, Seagram’s sports a stronger ginger ale flavor than other mass produced sodas. While you will not confuse it with a gourmet soda, Seagram’s packs a punch. There is a slight citrus undertone to each sip. Dry and pale, with no heat or spice. The flavor is best described as FULL, as opposed to weaker mainstream commercial drinks.



Drinkability: 4/5

Like most conventional sodas, Seagram’s sports a very light and bubbly texture. Great to wash down big meals. Great mixer.    


Health: 1/5

Probably no real ginger. HFCS. Preservatives. Low sodium is a plus.  


Seagram’s Ginger Ale


Can be found anywhere. Potentially in space.


Brand Information:

Owned by Coca-Cola


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