Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale Review

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Flavor: 3/5

With a definitive honey aftertaste, Thomas Kemper is certainly unique. Very Pale and Dry. The Ginger flavor is light, but distinctly fresh. The ginger ale impeccably intertwines a common gourmet feel with the ‘natural brew’ variety. Would never be your ‘go-to’ ginger ale, but does what it wants to do very well.


Drinkability: 4/5

What other “natural ginger brews” strive to be, Thomas Kemper combines a crisper/refreshing texture with the thicker/lower carbonation style of more natural brews. Heavier than mainstreams, but lighter than your average gourmet soda.


Health: 4/5

Cane Sugar. Real Honey. Has preservatives.    

Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale

Availability: From the midwest, Kentucky area.   Brand Information: TK Soda Co. PO Box 2868 Portland, OR 97208 503.517.8636

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