White Rock Ginger Ale Review

GAA Rating:
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Flavor: 3/5

VERY dry, White Rock is almost sprite-like. This is not a bad thing if you want a very light soda. The flavor is not in your face, which makes it ripe for mixing. Does not have a lot of spice or ginger flavor.
Drinkability: 3/5

White Rock ginger ale has an exceptionally crisp bite. Would make a good, subtle mixer considering how dry it is. Has a mainstream texture that loses its fizz fast.
  Health: 3/5 HFCS, Sodium Benzoate and Caramel additives. The sugar is very low however. No ginger.  

White Rock Ginger Ale


Moderately available in many grocery stores. In mixer sections often.


Brand Information:

141-07 20th Avenue, Suite 403
Whitestone, NY 11357


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