Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew Ginger Ale Review

GAA Rating:   Flavor: 4/5 Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew is an exotic variety to say the least. It has over 17 grams of fresh ginger, which amounts to a powerful ginger flavor. Unlike most strong ginger ales, this drink does not have a long aftertaste or overly spicy feeling (although there is some heat).

Blue Sky Organic Ginger Ale Review

GAA Rating: Flavor: 4/5 A well put together gourmet Ginger Ale, the flavor is powerful and complex. One of the spicier gourmets we’ve encountered, Blue Sky packs a punch. A zesty and down right in-your-face ginger flavor stands out.

Peggy Filippone Ginger Ale Recipe Peggy Filippone Ginger Ale Recipe Homemade Ginger Ale Homemade Recipes There are two types of ginger ale recipes, those with yeast to produce carbonation, and those with added carbonated water. The Ginger Ale Authority has homemade ginger ale recipes for both of course. Ingredients: 2 cups coarsely chopped, peeled fresh ginger 3 strips lemon […]

Gus Extra Dry Ginger Ale Grown Up Sodas Review

GAA Rating:   Flavor: 5/5 It is DRY. Extra Dry. And one of the most complex flavors around. Each sip seems different. It’s so dry, the flavor doesn’t really hit you initially.┬áLingering ginger flavor, with a hint of citrus. Not overly powerful ginger flavor, but it’s there. First taste can be very fruity, but the […]

Reed’s Extra Ginger Jamaican Brew Review

GAA Rating:   Flavor: 4/5 Much like other Reed’s Ginger Ales, the Extra Ginger is not for the weak. Twenty-six grams of fresh ginger gives it a mighty kick. The drink has a very earthy and fruity appeal.